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Rat Chinese Zodiac
As you settle into the first full week of the busy, industrious and work focused month of the Snake, it will be clear which areas of your life are keeping you busy and where the pace is picking up. While the Snake's influence can be felt on the work front and especially during a competitive and professionally charged Rooster Moon from Thursday to Saturday, it can be felt in any aspect of your life that keeps you busy and occupies your time. Yet while the Snake is going to keep you busy for several more weeks, this is a month where you can get a lot done. The Snake makes you a lot more productive and especially if you can avoid a rush mentality.

Year of the Dragon
Feb 10, 2024 - Jan 28, 2025
Welcome to the Year of the Dragon, the year that whether you realise it or not you have been waiting for and there is a chance to really get excited about. There are two reasons why, for the Rat, the Year of the Dragon is such an important and exciting year. The first is that as the Rat and Dragon are part of the same triad of affinity, they are the best of friends and life will always run more smoothly under its influence. The other reason is that in between the Year of the Rabbit, which for the last 13 months has put the focus on home and family and the busy, industrious, and work focused Year of the Snake, which begins next January, the Year of the Dragon has a more playful influence.

For the Rat, the Dragon will put the focus on matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic, and creative, making life both easier and a lot more fun. The Dragon is bold and daring and can give you the confidence to follow your heart, the things you love or your creative passions. The Dragon’s influence will be felt in all areas of your life and even at work there will be a pull towards doing a job that you love or injecting more fun and creativity into the job you do. The same will be the case for your love life, your relationships and everything you do. The way to access the Dragon’s influence will be through following your heart.

You will get to experience the full force of this during the month of the Dragon, which will not only run from 9th April to 8th May, but fittingly for its flamboyant influence, it kicks off with a total solar eclipse. This will be followed by the busy, industrious, and work focused month of the Snake, which could be a busy month but also a month that will be touched by the Dragon’s influence. The same will be the case for the competitive and professionally charged month of the Rooster, which will run from 3rd September to 3rd October. However, it is the adventurous month of the Monkey that will offer a chance to fully embrace the playful, creative, and adventurous side of life’s fence from 4th August to 3rd September.

About the Rat
Rats are always honest, and they are observant and curious. They are energetic, talkative and others can find them witty and charming. However ambition can make Rats ruthless and aggressive. They may find it hard to save, as they like to spend the money they earn and enjoy a good life.

The Rat is intelligent, charming, social and likeable. They are extremely good with money and are often thrifty. Although at times they can be economical to the extent of miserliness. Rats will spend lavishly under 3 circumstances: when they are in love, to further their long-term or career goals, and on collectibles if they are collectors. Rats are collectors by nature.

They are hard-working, innovative and full of ideas. Rats are almost always ambitious. Combined with the knowing of how to take advantage or make the best out of a situation, they are often successful at getting what they want out of life.

Rats are good at hiding their emotions, which often leads other to perceive their cool exteriors as those that are not easily roused. They sometimes have difficulties communicating their feelings. People born under this animal sign are frequently nocturnal.

Compatible: Dragons & Monkeys
Incompatible: Horses

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